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Finance and Accounting outsourcing
We support our customers' existing accounting function by outsourcing manual-intensive transaction processing. This allows the customer's key staff to focus on imperative business functions. It also allows the company to reduce its overall cost on accounting function, back-office cost and allows it access to best in class accounting talent. Our aim is to reduce the hassle of critical non-core functions by managing them in a more efficient, productive, and profitable manner. Financial Accounting
For most companies, financial accounting is not related to their core business. The competition for capital, resources, management talent and continual change in business processes and technology have left many organizations ill equipped to meet both internal and external business needs. Leveraging an organization that specializes in providing these services results in higher quality, flexible operations at a much lower cost. At Savoir, we understand that choosing to outsource your accounts processing is a difficult and critical business decision. It's not just a matter of money - the integrity and bottom line of your company is at stake. You need an experienced partner who values your customers, and your data, as much as you do. That is where we at Savoir fit in as your strategic outsourcing solutions provider.
We provide solutions in the accounting horizontal. We empower you by providing web-based solutions, lower cost - equally skilled labor, shared service resources, and an operational structure that provides for dedicated, highly skilled staff in critical functions. Our strategy is to be a long-term solution provider. As a result, we continually evaluate, invest, and implement new technologies, best practices, and develop professionals to deliver on-going services that are world-class.
Our service delivery is capable of delivering up-to-the-minute financial reporting on a 24/7 basis. The key to our ability to deliver solutions is through a defined process workflow that is monitored through strong quality control procedures. Having adopted continuous quality processes, we execute solutions that are documented, demonstrable, efficient and maintained.
Why outsource finance and accounting processes?
At a time when the economy is entering a recessionary phase, finance departments, shared service centers and outsourcing companies are looking for an offshore back-office solution. Our back office offshore solution is designed to shave off at least 50% on your processing costs. We help you lower operating costs, reduce capital expenditures and working capital, and realize time to focus on analysis and decision-making, and such value-adding activities.
By outsourcing your manager focus on core competencies and strategic issues rather than on routine, time-consuming activities.
We provide our customers utilize and benefit from leading business processes and software applications that provide timely information to enhance business decisions and reporting.
Cost reduction
Many corporate back-office cost reduction projects seek first to consolidate activities to achieve economies of scale. This is normally associated with business process reengineering to cut down unnecessary processes and resources. However, with these, only gradual cost reductions are normally possible through careful resource optimization by skilled process managers. We provide a new source of cost reduction through relocation of back-office activities to an Indian shared service centre. Our customer’s benefit by eliminating significant costs associated in developing the internal infrastructure to manage an effective back office system. Our pricing model provides the appropriate incentives to promote a revenue sharing approach to achieve your financial goals.
Access to skilled, qualified staff.
We attract and motivate recognized leaders and encourage them to lead team efforts. We offer our customers access to a broad range of professionals who are highly qualified and specialized in areas of accounting, finance, technology and transaction processing. Through offshore processing centers we can provide a quick scale up process to meet both economic and cyclical demands.
We realize the people advantage and hence facilitate a climate that relies on Mentoring, Training and a Career Path that attracts entrepreneurs. Our industry wide nexus guarantee us that the Cost of the Processes is drastically reduced while recruiting and retaining the best in class Talent.
Virtual Back- Office Accounting.
Our virtual back-office accounting services include the following:
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Billing and Receivables
  • Financial and Management reporting
  • Month-end, quarter-end and year-end closing
  • Business decision-making reports
  • Budgeting – budget vs. actual analysis
  • Audit support services
  • Cash flow reporting, projections and management
  • Document imaging and retrieval
  • Consolidation Multicurrency and Multiregional
  • Project CostingAsset tracking and management
Expertise in accounting application software
We work on a number of accounting platforms, some of the commonly used ones being:
Omni Docs
A work flow management system developed by Newgen Technologies, India.
An accounting solution developed by Tally Solutions Private Ltd., India.

Savoir Applications
An ERP solution developed by Savoir Soft Solution.

Oracle Applications
An ERP solutions developed by Oracle Corporation
An ERP solution developed by SAP